Research Lab


CELL Foundation’s Research Lab has two overarching functions - developing and supporting innovative research and building and curating a high-quality quantitative and qualitative Info Hive on divisive stereotypes, educational content, conflict, and mental health.

CELL at the World Science Forum

Between 7-11 November 2017, CELL's President, Jo Ritzen; Executive Director, Atif Rizvi; and Principal, Ayla Bonfiglio will participate in the World Science Forum (WSF) at the Dead Sea in Jordon. Jo Ritzen has also been invited to speak at the forum on the issue of 'brain drain' in relation to conflict and divisive stereotypes. The theme of this year's Forum is Science for Peace. More broadly, the World Science Forum aims to find authentic responses to global challenges. CELL is looking forward to taking part!

CELL Launches 'In Focus' Blog

Today, September 1, 2017, CELL launches In Focus, a blog dedicated to transforming the latest research and expertise related to divisive stereotypes, education, and violence or conflict, into concise analytical articles and briefs.

Rethinking Forced Migration and Displacement

Between 12-15 July 2016, CELL attended the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration Conference on 'Rethinking Forced Migration and Displacement: Theory, Policy, and Praxis' in Poznan, Poland.

Ayla Bonfiglio, Principal, presented two papers at the conference - ‘The Political and Practical Tensions of Refugee Education Governance’ and ‘’I’m not a refugee, I’m an international student’ Finding Protection through Higher Education’ - and co-organized a panel on Alternative Forms of Protection.