CELL at the World Science Forum

Between 7-11 November 2017, CELL's President, Jo Ritzen; Executive Director, Atif Rizvi; and Principal, Ayla Bonfiglio will participate in the World Science Forum (WSF) at the Dead Sea in Jordon. Jo Ritzen has also been invited to speak at the forum on the issue of 'brain drain' in relation to conflict and divisive stereotypes. The theme of this year's Forum is Science for Peace. More broadly, the World Science Forum aims to find authentic responses to global challenges. CELL is looking forward to taking part!

CELL's Principal Participates in Brussels Policy Workshop

On 16 October 2017, CELL's Principal Ayla Bonfiglio participated in the Policy Workshop on the Future of Migration in Europe, organized by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Brussels. At the workshop, Ayla co-facilitated a lab session on The Effects and Effectiveness of Migration Policies: EU and Member State Policies.

CELL Launches 'In Focus' Blog

Today, September 1, 2017, CELL launches In Focus, a blog dedicated to transforming the latest research and expertise related to divisive stereotypes, education, and violence or conflict, into concise analytical articles and briefs.