Policy Roundtable: Working Towards an International Agreement

Brussels, Belgium

On 14 July 2017, CELL convened a roundtable with academics and policymakers entitled, 'Working towards a global agreement to reduce divisive stereotypes in school textbooks,' at the Association for Public Policy and Management (APPAM) International Conference in Brussels. This roundtable brought together experts in the fields of development economics, education, neuroscience, and law to examine and debate the need for an international agreement to reduce divisive stereotypes in school textbooks.

Topics under discussion included: Why are divisive stereotypes in school textbooks harmful? How do we recognize and identify such stereotypes? Why is an international agreement necessary and what international, regional, and national legal precedence would such an agreement draw upon?

See our In Focus blog for a post based on one of the presentations at the roundtable: "A Neuroscience Perspective: Divisive Stereotypes and their Impacts."

Speakers included:

Jo Ritzen, President of CELL and Professorial Fellow in the International Economics of Science, Technology and Higher Education, UNU-MERIT;

Marin Been, Principal, Research at CELL and Student Advisor, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University

Sarah Clarke, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Pen International

Bram Rooijackers, Principal, Information and Outreach at CELL