Stakeholder Engagement

A diverse range of actors work in the intersecting fields of conflict and education, and all have a crucial role to play in reducing divisive stereotypes in textbooks. In both public and private forums, CELL regularly engages educators and education professionals, students, publishers, policy-makers, researchers and experts, humanitarian and development workers, activists, and artists, among others, to join in CELL's work by contributing their experience and know-how, participating in our projects and programs, and by helping us advocate for change.

Since our launch in October 2016, CELL has organized numerous meetings and roundtables at government ministries, international organizations, universities, research institutes, civil society organizations, and private companies.

These coordinated and diverse efforts in dialogue and stakeholder engagement, alongside our work in building a rich evidence base for divisive stereotypes in textbooks, are key pillars in our approach to lobby for an international agreement.