On the Origin of Divisive Stereotypes

What are divisive stereotypes and how do we study them? How do divisive stereotypes relate to prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia, extremism, and mental health? This theme  encompasses projects, research, and expertise that improve our understanding of divisive stereotypes, put forth meaningful and operationalizable concepts, advance a set of criteria and tools for their identification and measurement, and help understand their extent. Qualitative investigations might consider how students and youth interpret divisive stereotypes in textbooks and educational media. Experimental or quasi-experimental investigations might consider how divisive stereotypes can be identified in the brain; the impact of priming, framing, or representativeness on stereotyping; or how changes to textbook language and imagery might impact feelings of prejudice.
A goal of this theme is to understand the relationship between divisive stereotypes and conflict or violence, and to unpack the process that links divisive stereotypes and conflict behaviors.

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How do divisive stereotypes relate to prejudice, discrimination, and mental health?