Working Paper: Religious Education in Nigeria

Working Paper

Author: Atif Rizvi, Executive Director, CELL Foundation

Abstract: Islamic religious education in Nigeria is contradictory and dysfunctional at a policy level, and mired in intolerance with respect to content. The creation of new religious textbooks, with content that is tolerant of other religions and practitioners, is essential to reform Religious Education (RE) in Nigerian schools. To understand the state of Religious Education, this article explores the evolution of post-colonial education in Nigeria, with special attention to factors affecting North Nigeria, and examines the current state of Islamic teachings in schools in the aspects of curricula, texts, and teacher training. This paper concludes with a discussion on practical recommendations and key questions to consider to effectively reshape the divisive aspects of Religious Education in Nigeria.

Published: November 2017

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Nigeria has its own history, ethnicities, culture, and religious volatility to consider, therefore, experts can, and must, be sensitive to these in creating new texts specifically for Nigerian multi-faith religious education.