Peggy Maes


Peggy Maes has been working in primary education since 1997 with placements in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Poland. After her graduation, Peggy moved to Malawi to teach Dutch children at the Karonga Prevention Study (KPS), a Chilumba-based health project. She also helped to set up a local school. After two years in Malawi she moved to London to teach disadvantaged children for another two years.

Back in the Netherlands, she developed policy around extra care for children with special educational needs, organized team trainings, and participated in school development related to pedagogic and didactic issues. She also worked as a head teacher in several schools. At the moment, Peggy is working at the Synergieschool in Roermond, which is developing a model for progressive education in the Netherlands.

Peggy advises and works together will CELL on projects and outreach related to divisive stereotypes and discrimination in the classroom and divisive stereotypes and disability. Peggy also supports CELL in engaging teachers and learners.