Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Triana Segovia

Young Researcher 2019

Triana Segovia is an entrepreneur, educator, artist, and activist. Over the last five years she has participated in various projects in Canada, Brazil, Sweden, and the Netherlands in the fields of social activism, entrepreneurship, politics, and youth education. Her passion for culture, community, and politics mixes with her interests in deconstructing colonial structures and challenging systems of power. Completing a year at the International Youth Initiative Program in Sweden, a holistic education program based for social change-making and alternative education. During this time, she organized and participated in an internship in the Amazonas, Brazil, where she worked with the Amazonian Sustainability Association, X-Labs (a youth entrepreneurship collaborative), and various indigenous communities along the Rio Negro. Currently, Triana studies a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration on social sciences at University College Maastricht. Her academic focus is on Peace and Conflict Studies, Human Rights, and Middle Eastern and Latin American Politics.