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In Focus communicates the latest research and expertise, as well as reflects upon current events and trends, related to divisive stereotypes and/or textbooks in concise and digestible analytical articles, opinion pieces, and briefs. Contact us if you would like to contribute.

Our Violent Pasts: Examining Narratives in Textbooks...

By Karel Fracapane, UNESCO; Ayla Bonfiglio, CELL; Eckhardt Fuchs, GEI

Societies around the world struggle...

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In Focus
Sep 26, 2018

My journey to Armenia and to United World College (UWC) Dilijan started in August 2015, when I put myself on a plane from Belgrade to Yerevan

In Focus
Sep 04, 2018

In 1978, Thomas Barefoot was convicted of killing a police officer in Texas.

In Focus
Jun 15, 2018

Academic solidarity is a core value shared by researchers all over the world. There is a recognition of the need to support, challenge and – when required – protect each other, our disciplinary integrity, and our fundamental investigative principles.

In Focus
Jun 01, 2018

Our inability as a nation to engage in difficult conversations about race has left us with a lack of agreement on how to define equity.

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stereotypical image of a child soldier
Mar 05, 2018

From Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo to Myanmar and Nigeria, countless children remain trapped in armed conflict.

In Focus
Feb 21, 2018

The relationship between education inequality and violent conflict is clear: Inequitable access to quality education makes the world less safe.

In Focus
Jan 26, 2018

In Zahle, about an hour from Beirut, is an informal settlement of Syrian refugees. A place where some have been living for nearly seven years.

In Focus
Jan 12, 2018

Robert Mugabe’s presidency illustrates a problem several countries are wrestling with. Their leaders have had military careers, whose personalities are shaped by long years in combat – and all the traumas that such experiences bring.

In Focus
Sep 08, 2017

As a cognitive neuroscientist, I approach topics of interest for psychological research by integrating the knowledge we have of brain activity...

In Focus
Anthony Crider (August 12, 2017), Charlottesville, “Unite the Right” Rally
Sep 01, 2017

The national turmoil we are witnessing [in the United States] is not just a crisis of institutions, or politics, or a society at a crossroads. It is also a crisis of health.

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