Preventing Violent Extremism in South-East Europe

Between 2-4 May 2018, CELL participated in a sub-regional capacity-building workshop on the prevention of violent extremism through education (PVE-E), entitled "Global Citizenship Education for Peaceful Socieities in South-East Europe" in Venice, Italy. The workshop was jointly organized by UNESCO's Section of Global Citizenship and Peace Education (GCPE) and UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, with the support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Stakeholder Engagement

A diverse range of actors work in the intersecting fields of conflict and education, and all have a crucial role to play in reducing divisive stereotypes in textbooks. In both public and private forums, CELL regularly engages educators and education professionals, students, publishers, policy-makers, researchers and experts, humanitarian and development workers, activists, and artists, among others, to join in CELL's work by contributing their experience and know-how, participating in our projects and programs, and by helping us advocate for change.

CELL at Salzburg Global Seminar

From 2 - 7 December, CELL Principal and Co-founder Ayla Bonfiglio took part in the Salzburg Global Seminar on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): A Global Synthesis.

Presentation at World Cities Day, UNESCO

CELL's Atif Rizvi and Ayla Bonfiglio attented the Celebration of World Cities Day at UNESCO on October 31, 2018. At the event, Atif Rizvi spoke on a panel on Innovation for Sustainable Urban Development, exploring how can we use innovative tools to overcome the marginalization and segregation that takes place in cities? Also, as part of his intervention, Atif argued that discussions on sustainable cities must include possibilities for rebuilding cities destroyed by conflict and violence. We must also realize the role that cities can play in marginalization, segregation, and exclusion.

Meetings at UNESCO, Paris

On the 13th of September, CELL’s Executive Director, Atif Rizvi, and Principal, Ayla Bonfiglio, met with UNESCO’s Education and Social and Human Sciences sectors to build upon its meetings in February 2018 on areas of further collaboration.